James Brown (Owner/Chef) and Larry Tapley (Owner/Chef) during the construction of The Lab.

Where It All Began

James Brown established the Kraftwich Food Truck in February 2021, buying out his former partner and became co-owner with his wife Kelly during the Summer of 2021. During the Spring of 2021, Larry Tapley joined the team and quickly became an essential component to the food truck. Larry and James built up such a large following with their inventive menu items and unique offerings, that it only made sense that the next logical step would be to open a storefront version of what they had created on the food truck.

James Brown

James Brown began his culinary career over ten years ago, graduating from Lincoln Culinary Institute in 2009. Moving his way up the chain to executive chef, he's built up a wealth of culinary knowledge in multiple areas of cuisine. Known for his exquisite palate in relation to gastropub style fare, Chef JB can pair flavors that are completely unexpected, especially when in comes to incorporating craft beer and wine. His favorite culinary ventures have been creating elaborate beer dinners with craft beer pairings.

Larry Tapley

With over ten years of event production experience, along with team management experience and a passion for cooking, Larry Tapley took a step into the culinary world to explore new and inventive ways to cooking classic American and international fusion dishes.

"Life is only boring if you let it be, try something new and come visit us on our culinary adventures!"